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Prepare for you taxi driver assessment:

Similar assessment to the learner test:

Prepare for you taxi assessment.The assessment for taxi drivers is very similar to the learner test: the assessment will last about 30-45 minutes; you will be expected to demonstrate a greater degree of confidence and handling skills compared to those of a learner. The emphasis is on a safe and smooth drive (essential for delivering a comfortable service to your future clients). You will have to complete the test with 9 or fewer driver faults and you will fail the assessment if you commit a fault that the examiner deems serious or dangerous.

During the assessment you will be required to complete one manoeuvre; however the good news is that you get to decide which manoeuvre you will complete.

Hackney Carriage wheelchair assessment.

If you are intending to deliver a Hackney carriage service you will also need to pass the wheelchair assessment; this can be taken at the same time as you assessment drive or can be done on a separate day. Should you take both on the same day and fail one of the assessments, you will need to retake the assessment that you have failed.

How we can help you to prepare.

Our trainers are fully versed in the various assessments that you will be required to undertake and also have a good understanding of exactly what the examiners are looking for in your drive. We can coach you to help you improve your understanding of the requirements required by your new role and can help guide you through your preparations for the assessment day.